After false starts derailed the path of my “adult life/career,” I found myself on a track, obsessed with achievement. I felt behind in life and had Things. To. Prove. Even as I started my first company, the proving quickly became exhausting and felt pointless, which led to a quest to discover the point of it all.

That’s when I found Christine – and discovered that there even IS a “soul track” in business. The truth is…the soft stuff, the SOUL stuff, is everything. And forming a relationship with it can be the secret to your success. It certainly has been mine. With Christine’s help, I started and built what has become a multi-six-figure business, and I now use the Soul Track to guide it all.

If you want to discover how you can be all things: creative, sensitive, intuitive and successful as a business owner, then you can’t afford not to get this book.