Enneagram & The Entrepreneur Workshop
Jan 20th and 21st, 2021 – No Travel Required!


Hello Soul-Sourced™ Entrepreneur,

There’s a whole lot of focus on mindset in the entrepreneurial world, as you’ve probably noticed. We’re told to think positive at all costs. To keep our mindset strong!  This will guarantee our success.

Perhaps. But here’s the thing.

When you get stuck or trapped or spin your wheels in your business, it’s called a pattern. It’s not wrong. And it’s not right. 

It’s just a collection of ways you’ve been conditioned to manage your energy, based on a nice little cocktail of your past history (and the traumas and rewards contained within) and what we’ll call your “type.”

In other words, it’s more than just “mindset.” There’s something deeper at work. 

And once you discover the tools to understand and release what’s truly happening when things aren’t working, you break free. Not because you managed to beat yourself to a positive pulp. But because you have the context and the know-how to navigate the complex terrain of thoughts, stories, knee-jerk reactions and fears. This is powerful stuff when it comes to owning a business!

In my work – first, as a touring musician and then as a retreat host, entrepreneur and coach – the Enneagram has been my tool. It has been a game-changer, giving me a way out of pain and emotional reactivity and a path to a successful business, a business based in my true self. 

When I began sharing the enneagram with students and clients, I observed as each person became able to see themselves more clearly and even coach themselves because they now understood at a deeper level what was really happening.

And yes, it was more than mindset.

The Enneagram & the Entrepreneur is my way of teaching this powerful framework, and sharing it in the context of entrepreneurship and success.  

Until now, I’ve only hosted this retreat as a live in-person workshop. But given the challenges the world is now experiencing, it’s time for a deeper level of business success. One that’s based in true wisdom. (Not the usual rules and shouts of those whose type is wired up for rules and shouts. 🙂 )

If you’re ready to experience the power of navigating your business with self-acceptance, generosity, compassion and relentless clarity, then join me for this two-day workshop.


Does any of this feel familiar?

Does any of this
feel familiar?

You know you’re ‘supposed to’ post on social media, but the idea of being public, of being seen, completely stops you in your tracks.

You just signed a client and you’re thrilled. But you still find yourself watching Netflix, rather than doing the follow up you know you should do. (WTF??)

Obsession over the quality of everything you create has taken over to the point where if it’s not perfect, you never launch anything.

You have a hard time trusting anyone – coaches, strategists, authors. Some of the information makes sense but you still feel dubious.

Achieving is an obsession and sometimes you wonder what it’s all for because it’s never quite enough to fill the void.

You’ve been screwed or betrayed by giving away too much and doing too many kind things or agreeing to too many requests no matter how many boundaries you try to create.

If even one of those sound like you, then join me for a powerful two-day deep dive into the Enneagram!

Here’s a peak at the insights awaiting you:

Clarity on the nine enneagram types.

Discern the specific obstacles, patterns, strengths and gifts that help or hinder business growth success.

Easy to implement practices and action steps

Each type can follow steps to help expand out of the conditioning that keeps them trapped.

Recognition of emotional and mental patterns

Not only will you understand the nature of them but you’ll see how to approach transformation in a manner that is beyond just trying to force a better mindset.

Understand the energetic embodiment and movement of each type

This training goes way beyond the average internet “meme” that’s often based on superficial and judge-y traps that do very little to shift anything, and often keep people trapped in the pattern.


The Enneagram is a transformational tool for entrepreneurs.

Let me share how my clients feel after discovering how their type has been impacting their business. It goes something like this:

Finally understanding my type was a welcome relief, an aha if you will. A liberation. A freedom.

Yet… at the same time there’s a genuine understanding of how we’re busted. As if we thought we were hiding this stuff from anyone.

Psst… you’re not hiding any of your patterns from anyone!

That’s where the real gift lies my friend. It’s often overlooked. The gift is you begin to catch the pattern.

And suddenly the pattern becomes your teacher. An opportunity to do it differently from a higher plane of awareness.

You can finally let go of the “fake it ‘til you make it.” Or forcing yourself to be completely false in order to survive.

You might be thinking
“Should I know my type before I sign up?”

The quick answer: No.

If you DO know your type, that’s great. (And some of my students have discovered they were mistyped… so be open to new discoveries!)

This training is designed expressly for entrepreneurs. Because there is such a highly charged terrain – weaving in success, achievement, money, other people – having a business can trigger so much in each person.

So the conversation on patterns will reveal a lot, not just about you – but about your clients and team as well. With this knowledge you will become a clearer and more masterful leader in all areas of your life.

Please note:  We will not be working individually with participants to discover each person’s type, but you will get enough context and will most likely identify your type based on the information covered over our two days together.


This 2-day virtual workshop is full of deep dives, insights, self-awareness to arm you with a powerful clarity for creating authentic success in your business.

Let’s Do This!

Your registration includes:

  • The full 2 day workshop – Jan 20th & 21st from 10am to 5:30pm Eastern Time Zone, we will have breaks so you can grab a bite to eat and reflect on your learnings
  • Resources and tools to help you take what you learn into everyday life, especially when your patterns raise your blood pressure!
  • Q&A time to get your biggest Enneagram questions answers
  • Access to the recordings after the workshop, so you can revisit anytime you need

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In 2010, Kane opened Uplevel You, a company that serves a new class of idea-driven, aggression-averse entrepreneurs (a class she counts herself a member of). Her work has attracted more than 125,000 loyal email subscribers and has coached thousands of clients into the six and seven figures in their businesses, while remaining true to their message and their souls.

The Enneagram and the Entrepreneur Workshop
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